What is custom blend?  Motives Custom is blend is the definition of the perfect foundation. This is where Motives has truly redefined makeup.

Have you ever bought a foundation that you thought was your shade but later when you got home and used it, it was definitely not your color? Not to mention it made you feel like if you were wearing a mask because it was so heavy and cakey then to top it off later you broke out with zits everywhere from it?

Yes I know that happens I hear about it all the time.

With your perfect Motives custom blend foundation matched to your skin tone that will never happen again. You can rest assured that your custom blend will match your skin and it will help your skin look better as you use it.

Your perfect foundation should be and look natural and flawless it’s your own skin but only perfect.  It should not look cakey or look like a mask of a different shade of your skin and your skin should feel like it can breathe like if you were not wearing any makeup.

With Motives custom blend what you get is your natural looking skin only perfect & flawless.

Not only can Motives custom blend match your skin tone no matter what your skin tone is or imperfections, you can add skin loving ingredients to help with any of the many beauty issues women have been dealing with.

Motives custom blend solves the ashy foundation problem too.

Motives custom blend is not just makeup: it is a cosmecuetical, its high quality makeup that is infused with minerals, antioxidants and botanicals that will nourish your skin as it matches your skin to create the perfect flawless canvas.

Motives custom blend Key Benefits are:

  • It is mineral based infused with soothing, softening botanicals like Calendula, German Chamomile, Linden, Roman Chamomile, Cornflower and St. John’s Wort, so if you have any type of redness even rosacea or have sensitive skin Motives custom blend is the foundation for you.
  • Motives custom blend is oil free so it’s suitable for all skins. Motives custom blend is also talc free, fragrance-free and it’s non-comedogenic.
  • With Motives custom blend you can further customize your foundation by targeting specific concerns with modifiers and enhancers.
  • You can decide if you want to make your custom blend sheer, medium to full coverage without making it feel heavy.
  • You can also even cover up tattoos with Motives full coverage enhancers.
  • You can add additional sunscreen to your foundation but Motives custom blend already comes with a built in sunscreen even if you choose not to add additional sunscreen.
  • You can add oil control to control oil throughout the day. Perfect for oily to combination skin.
  • You can add Pearl to give your skin that luminescent glow.
  • Every woman deserves the Motives Fringe benefit added to their foundation it primes and plumps the skin.
  • The hydrator is added to help keep your skin hydrated and subtle.
  • At last this is my absolute favorite ingredient of Motives custom blend it is the Ultra Firming Complex (it’s like a liquid BOTOX) it gives you that instant lift and flash effect that gives the “viola” to your Motives custom blend foundation. Bang!

Motives custom blend foundation is so good men are wearing it too. Yes all kinds of men wear Motives custom blend too, why not? all men have skin too. Men too deserve to care for their skin, remember Motives custom blend is not just makeup it’s a cosmecuetical so it’s great for men who are looking to even out their skin and help with any anti-aging issues. Because men are aging too it’s not just the women.

Motives custom blend really rocks. It truly is the perfect foundation for everyone.

But you won’t find your Motives custom blend perfect foundation in any department stores ( sorry Motives custom blend is only available through your Motives beauty advisor.) Only your Motives beauty advisor is skillfully trained and certified to create your perfect Motives custom blend foundation.

So if you are looking for the perfect foundation be sure to setup your one on one Motives custom blend consultation now and look flawless forever.